March 25th: Your Wake Up Call

Today is the day to find out if you're at risk for diabetes.

This morning, like most mornings, my alarm clock didn’t go off. To be clear, it would have gone off, had I still been asleep. But these days, I am usually woken up well before the buzzer by the pleading call of a two-year-old across the hall, or the happy squawk of a newborn from a nearby bassinet.

I do miss my alarm clock.

There are literal wake up calls, and then there are figurative ones. It so happens today it’s both. March 25th is National Diabetes Alert Day, which is the day every American is encouraged to take this online test to find out if they’re at risk for diabetes.

We’re happy to support the work of the American Diabetes Association, because we believe so strongly in their mission. But also because as devastating as diabetes can be, we know that there is incredibly good news for people at risk: you can do something about it.

What’s perhaps more surprising is actually how little it takes to change the course of the disease. Studies prove that losing just 7% of your body weight significantly reduces your risk of progressing from prediabetes to diabetes. That’s within reach for all of us.

Share this link far and wide with your friends. Statistically speaking, 1 out of 3 of them has prediabetes right now and almost certainly doesn’t know it. Consider March 25th the one day when you owe it to yourself not to press the snooze button.

So, please, today of all days: take the test. Share the test. And look forward to waking up to a better March 26th.