5 Easy Ways to Eat Veggies

“Eat more vegetables” is one of the rare nutrition guidelines that all health experts agree with.

Diets rich in veggies have been found to lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent certain cancers, and help control appetite.

But unless you love salads, getting your veggies on busy days can be a challenge.  So we pinpointed the 5 fastest, easiest ways to eat more produce.

Which of these sounds doable to you?


#1 Snack on Cherry Tomatoes

Because they grow so well indoors, cherry tomatoes are available at peak ripeness all year long. Naturally sweet, they don’t require seasoning or dressing to taste amazing.

Tips & Tricks:
Sniff before buying — the better cherry tomatoes smell, the better they’ll taste.
If you can afford it, choose heirloom varieties for more potent flavor.
Keep them in plain sight on your kitchen counter.
Grab a handful before you head out the door.
Leave an open container of them at your workstation.


#2 Make the Most of Shredded Carrots

Like tomatoes, carrots are full of natural sweetness. Baby carrots are an effortless snack, to be sure, but shredded carrots are more versatile.

Tips & Tricks:
Snack on shredded carrots out of the bag.
Drizzle with dressing for a one-ingredient salad.
Saute with butter or olive oil for a quick side.
Add them to scrambled eggs.
Toss them in your soup.
Sneak them into jarred pasta sauce.


#3 Steam Veggies in the Bag

You’ll find pre-cut veggies in microwave-ready steamer bags in the fresh and frozen sections of the grocery store. Broccoli, cauliflower, edamame, sugar snap peas, green beans, and most other veggies cook up tender-crisp in a matter of minutes.

Tips & Tricks:
It’s best to buy unseasoned options to avoid unhealthy ingredients. That said, pre-seasoned veggies are better than no veggies, so do what you can do!
Be careful when opening to avoid being burned!
Season with salt, pepper, and a little butter or olive oil.
Pump up flavor with pre-blended seasonings like Mrs. Dash®.
Double the veggie content of takeout or frozen meals. For example, try adding steamed broccoli to your takeout order of beef & broccoli.


#4 Eat Deli Meat with Veggie Dip

If you’ve yet to discover this delicious duo, you’re truly missing out. Dressing up deli meat with a flavor-compatible veggie dip creates a satisfying, healthy snack in about a minute.

Tips & Tricks:
When buying veggie dip of any kind, look for a short ingredients list free of added sugar.  A vegetable should be the first item on the ingredients list!
When buying deli-meat, look for low-sodium options without a lot of visible fat. (Get more tips on buying deli meat.)
Spread deli meat slices with dip and roll them to make packable “wraps.”
Try roast beef slices with garlic hummus.
Try turkey or chicken with guacamole or black bean dip.


#5 Use Stir-Fry Kits to Make Delish Dinners

Stir-fry kits are found in the produce department of your grocery store, right near the pre-cut veggies. A kit contains washed and chopped vegetables, plus a packet of sauce. Transforming fresh veggies into a hot, tasty meal doesn’t get any easier.

Tips & Tricks:
The sauce is likely to contain added sugars, which isn’t ideal, but at least you’ll be eating that sugar with a plate of fibrous vegetables.
Add easy protein like pieces of rotisserie chicken or some pre-cooked shrimp from the seafood counter.
Squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice over your cooked stir-fry to make the flavors really pop.

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