Ask for the Support You Really Want

In Omada, we encourage you to ask friends and family to support your health goals, but “support” is a vague request. We want to help you be specific.

Sometimes, what you need is directly related to your goal. Want to eat an apple with lunch? Ask your partner to pick up some Granny Smiths at the store.

Other forms of support are less direct. You might need help with tasks that have nothing to do with food or exercise, but that free up your time and energy to focus on making healthy changes.

Use the following checklist to think about what would really make it easier for you to commit fully to Omada. You might even print it out, check off the boxes, and hand it to someone eager to lend a hand.


You can help me eat better and get active by:
▢  Asking me which healthy foods I plan to eat more.
▢  Being open to trying new, healthier foods with me.
▢  Keeping trigger foods (things I can’t resist) out of sight.
▢  Gently reminding me to track my meals after eating.
▢  Suggesting healthy meals and snacks you think I might enjoy.
▢  Sending me coupons and money-saving deals on healthy food.
▢  Storing your junk food in a separate drawer or cabinet.
▢  Treating me with healthy foods or non-food items instead of unhealthy sweets.
▢  Researching healthy takeout options instead of pizza and burgers.
▢  Offering to get me water instead of a soda or another caloric drink.
▢  Being a second set of hands when I cook healthy meals.
▢  Suggesting fun, active things we can do together.
▢  Trying a new fitness activity/class with me.
▢  Suggesting we take a walk instead of watching TV.
▢  Researching active trips we can go on.
▢  Offering to walk places with me instead of driving.
▢  Other:____________________________________________________
▢  Other:____________________________________________________
▢  Other:____________________________________________________

You can help me make time to plan, sleep, and de-stress by:

▢  Encouraging me to say “no” to things I don’t need to take on.
▢  Taking over one of my weekly chores.
▢  Offering to run a time-consuming errand for me.
▢  Watching the kids for a couple of hours this weekend.
▢  Cleaning up the kitchen after I cook.
▢  Picking one or more nights a week to do the cooking.
▢  Not tempting me to stay up too late at night.
▢  Taking care of your own/the kids’ food so I can focus on my meals.
▢  Other:____________________________________________________
▢  Other:____________________________________________________
▢  Other:____________________________________________________

You can help me stay positive through ups and downs by:

▢  Reminding me of challenges I’ve overcome in the past.
▢  Letting me know you’re there for me, not matter what.
▢  Giving me plenty of hugs and high-fives.
▢  Taking me out to do something fun.
▢  Sending me funny emails/texts.
▢  Recommending music, books, movies, shows you think I’d like.
▢  Reminding me of the positive changes I have made, no matter how small.
▢  Other:____________________________________________________
▢  Other:____________________________________________________
▢  Other:____________________________________________________