How to Power-Up Your Food Tracking

It makes sense that food tracking is associated with increased weight loss. Diligent tracking forces you to examine your habits. There’s no more pretending that a late-night snack didn’t happen or that the donut you eat every day is a “special treat.”

Taking an honest look at your eating habits can be scary, for sure. But it’s a crucial step to improving your health and succeeding in Omada. When you track all of your food and drinks, you take ownership of your choices — and empower yourself to change them.

If you’re ready to fully commit to improving your health, here are 4 tracking habits to start now:

1. Track every day, especially on weekends. We’re not saying daily tracking is easy, but it’s truly worth the effort. One study found that individuals who tracked their food and drinks at least six days a week lost twice as much weight as those who tracked one day a week or less. Twice as much weight! That’s a boost worth working for.

2. Track in real time. Don’t wait. Enter every sip and bite right away, either as you begin eating/drinking or immediately after. Tracking throughout the day has two major benefits. First, you’ll track more accurately — despite our best efforts, we’re likely to forget snacks and underestimate portions. Second, seeing what you’ve already tracked on any given day can prompt you to make healthier choices in the moment.

3. Reflect on your choices as you track. Whether you’re entering a healthy choice or an unhealthy one, consider your circumstances. Where are you? What time is it? Who are you with and how are you feeling? Identify the underlying factors that influence how you eat, then consider how you can use that information to your advantage.

4. Have a back-up tracking plan. While tracking in real time is ideal, it’s not always going to happen. So pick a time each evening (set an alarm on your phone to remind you) when you’ll enter any food/drinks you may have missed over the course of the day. Even if you don’t get every detail right, it’s better than not tracking at all.

BONUS TIP: Enter repeat meals and snacks the same way. As you type in the name of a food, your Omada Food Tracker auto-fills based on what you (and thousands of other participants) have tracked in the past. If you eat a certain meal or snack often, entering it the same way each time will shave seconds off of each entry.