Sweet Drinks Do Real Damage

Research shows that sugary beverages like juice, soda, and flavored coffee drinks do more harm to our health than any other source of sugar in the American diet. 

The most compelling reasons to give them up:

1. Sugary drinks contribute to weight gain.
2. Sugary drinks contribute to chronic disease.
3. Sugary drinks fuel cravings for more sugar.
4. Sugary drinks don’t satisfy hunger.

Down a sweet drink and your blood sugar will spike, excess calories will be stored as fat, and you’ll set yourself up for a crash that makes you crave another sugar fix.

And all those calories you just guzzled? They won’t make you any less hungry for food. That’s because liquids are processed differently than solids. As solid foods move through your digestive system, they trigger your gut to release hunger-reducing hormones. Liquid calories are absorbed quickly, so those fullness signals are never sent.

Diet sodas aren’t much better — the artificial sweeteners they contain fuel your appetite for real sugar.

If you regularly drink a lot of sweet stuff, cutting back will be a game-changer. Even if the rest of your diet stays the same, having one fewer 12 oz. soda per day for a year could leave you 15 pounds lighter!

Here are some ways to start cutting back:

Flavor your water. Instead of sugary lemonade, try calorie-free seltzer with a squeeze of lemon. Experiment with different fruit/herb combos like watermelon and mint, or cucumber and basil.

Make it a spritz. Instead of drinking your usual full glass of juice or soda, dilute it with a generous pour of calorie-free seltzer.

Chill herbal tea. Instead of sweetened iced tea, brew black or herbal tea, chill it in the fridge, then serve over ice with slices of fruit.

Downsize your order. Instead of getting a large flavored coffee drink or sweet smoothie, down a full glass of water to quench your thirst, then slowly sip a small.

Studies have found that soda alone accounts for a whopping 37% of the added sugar we consume.  If you do nothing else in Omada other than eliminate soda from your life, you’ll still be taking a huge step toward better health!

Have questions or want more personalized advice for cutting back on sweet drinks? Reach out to your Omada coach for help.