Can You Picture Yourself Healthier?

Most participants say they’ve joined Omada because they want to live a longer, healthier life. That’s a valid and meaningful reason. But it isn’t as motivating as you’d think.

In our day-to-day lives, vague rewards like “live longer” have a hard time competing with the vivid, specific rewards we get from eating a bowl of ice cream or pouring ourselves a second glass of wine.

To really motivate yourself in the heat of the moment, the reward of making a healthier choice needs to be just as vivid.

Take a minute to answer this question: Of all the things that will be better when you lose weight and improve your health, which will make you happiest?

Forget what you think you should want, and zero on a reward you truly crave. 

Some examples to get your wheels turning:


Vague reward: I’ll be there for my family.

Vivid reward: I’ll keep up with my kids all day, and still have energy left for date night.


Vague reward: I’ll save money on health bills.

Vivid reward: I’ll save enough money to install a pool in the backyard.


Vague reward: I’ll feel more confident.

Vivid reward: I’ll have the confidence to use a dating app and meet new people.


Once you settle on something you truly crave, paint a mental picture. Imagine yourself living out that reward, moment by moment. Add as many details as you can.

Hold this vision in your mind and revisit it often — especially when you’re about to make a choice that impacts health. Skipping a piece of cake may seem like a small price to pay for achieving that vivid reward.