Get a Quick Lift with Activity

When you’re low on energy, it’s tempting to reach for sugar. Before you do, try taking a short, brisk walk.

One study compared walking for 10 minutes to eating a candy bar and found the walk gave people a bigger lift than the sugary snack. The candy bar eaters also felt sluggish an hour later, while the walkers were still energized.

Yes, we are suggesting walking as a replacement for chocolate — not exactly an appealing swap.

To do it anyway, try telling yourself this: “Sugar won’t get me what I really want, but being active will.”

Then talk yourself out of your chair one step at a time.

Repeat after us:

“I’m just going to stand up.”

“I’m just going to stretch.”

“I’m just going to walk around the room.”

“I’m just going to walk down the hall.”

“I’m just going to walk to the front door.”

“I’m just going to walk around the block.”

If you only manage to walk around the room for a couple of minutes, you’ll feel more alert.

Big bonus: You may also live longer. People who replace two minutes of sitting each hour with gentle walking cut their risk of premature death by about 33 percent, compared with people who stay in their chairs. Wow.