8 Things to Do Together Instead of Meeting at a Restaurant

Going to a restaurant is usually the first thing friends suggest when they want to get together and connect. Everyone loves food, and dining out is a low-key activity that makes it easy to chat and catch up. 

The downside is that dining out makes it harder to watch what you eat. For both health and weight loss, it’s simply better to prep your food at home. 

So what can you do instead of heading to a restaurant? Take the initiative and suggest an alternative that’s just as chill and conversation friendly.

You could…

Cook for them. It’s obvious, but worth mentioning. Offer to make something simple and healthy. Talk while you cook, eat at the kitchen counter — keep it easy.

Get things done. Help each other finish small home improvement projects, get organized, or tackle overdue yard work. 

Play games. Unlike seeing a movie or watching TV, you can play cards or a board game and catch up at the same time.

Help others. If you both support the same cause, volunteer in a low-key way. You could collect signatures, post signs, or write postcards.

Bargain hunt. Meet up at yard sales or flea markets, or hunt for hidden gems in second-hand stores.

Explore. Most towns have tourist attractions that residents drive right by. Which one have you heard good things about? Check it out together.

Learn something for free. Many big stores offer free workshops in the evening or on weekends. Sit in the back, so you can talk while you learn.

Get moving. You knew this category was coming. Meet up to talk and walk around your neighborhood or a school track.