Tackle Problems with Confidence

Stubborn challenges can wreak havoc on your confidence — especially if previous efforts have fallen flat (or, yikes, made things worse). To keep at it, you have to crush creeping doubt and believe that yes, you will succeed.

Regaining your mojo is easier to do when you have a “Win List” handy. What’s a Win List? It’s a list of past accomplishments that remind you that 1) you’ve faced big obstacles before, and 2) ultimately, you were able to overcome — or work around — them.

Don’t wait until you need a Win List to make one. Create it now, and hang it on your wall, fold it in your wallet, or save it to your desktop.

How to create a Win List:

Give yourself a week to think of at least 7 accomplishments that you’re proud of. Have you achieved a big goal in the past? Was there a time when you stood up for yourself or someone else in a difficult situation? Were you able to stay strong and positive in the face of a major setback? What have you managed to get done (or get through) despite the odds?

If you can’t think of at least 1 a day for the next 7 days, turn to your family and friends. Tell them what you’re up to, and ask for ideas. You’ll no doubt be surprised by their positive responses.

As you make your list, leave out all the “buts.” For example, avoid adding caveats like, “I graduated from a top notch school, but my grade point average wasn’t as high as I hoped it would be.” Give yourself full credit for what you’ve achieved.

Once your  your Win List is complete, keep it handy. When your confidence starts to waver, come back to it. It will remind you of the many strengths you have to lean on, and the truly incredible things that you’re capable of.